Competitive food eater Molly Schuyler won the Big Texan Steak Challenge Championship by devouring a 72 oz. steak in 2 minutes and 48 seconds! You won’t find any more information about her here, as this is Molly Clark's website. But since you seem to have a thing for meat and Mollys, let me drop another crazy one for ya! When Molly Clark was fifteen, she wore a hotdog costume to Whole Foods and attempted to entertain the staff and shoppers while filming the escapade. As you can imagine, the iMovie went viral (among her grandparents). The joyful and semi-terrified reactions from the shoppers sparked a flame in Molly that’s been cooking little meaty ideas ever since.

Molly has shared her talents in New York and Los Angeles at NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jax Media, MTV Viacom, The Producer Guild Conference with IRL Productions, and TLC’s Project Dad with DBGoldline.

She will graduate with a BFA in film and television at the NYC Tisch School of the Arts in May, contingent on not failing her “Why Dance Matters” general education class. While searching for this answer, she is also studying improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade.